Shivax® Shampoo Donna 250ml Bottle


Shivax® Shampoo Donna is the soap for Woman (250ml bottle) and it contains the active ingredients of the Shivax® ointments. All Shivax® products are the result of Dr DI MAIO MD’s medical research. Registered with the CPNP (European cosmetic notification portal)

Gentle cleansing for the scalp. Suitable for irritated scalp and/or with dandruff, psoriasis, lichen, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, crusts. They are used both in conjunction with the other Shivax® products and in any physiological situation.

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They are excellent for maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair, so they can always be used. They contain the essential oils of the Shivax® creams (Alternifolia Melaleuca oil, Wheat Germ oil and Oenothera Biennis oil).

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They are natural antimicrobials (altenifolia melaleuca). Allergen-free (without Allergens to be declared pursuant to law no. 713/86 and its updates)

Method of Use: As a normal Shampoo to be used together with Shivax® Plus and Shivax® FT creams

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