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Offer Shivax® Free Shipping

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Shivax® Creams are 100% Natural and prescribed for skin diseases such as Dermatitis in general, Eczema and for Psoriasis skin lesions, for whole body included scalp, and also used in dandruff cases. (Hands, Elbows, Arms, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Buttocks, Legs, Thigh, Knees and Ankles). Also for yeast infections (genital thrush, candida albicans)
Choose the Creams you need:
Shivax® Plus, cream to apply at night in every part of the body except genital area and/or nails
Shivax® FT, cream to apply during the day in every part of the body except genital area and/or nails
Shivax® G, cream to apply night and day in the genital area and also nails
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Their formulations have been communicated to the CPNP (European Cosmetics Portal). In their compositions we can find vegetable origin substances and very powerful natural anti-oxidants and essential oils. Its yield is very elevated. For example, for a scalp completely covered by psoriasis lesions are sufficients only two packages of Shivax® Plus and Shivax® FT to obtain the wished results

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Prescribed for Dermatitis in general and for Psoriasis skin lesions, whole body (Hands, Elbow, Arms, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Sides, Gluteus, Legs, Thigh, Knees and Ankles) except for nails and/or genital area. If you have psoriasis lesions, dermatitis, eczema in these areas Shivax® G is the cream for you to use. Main Advantages:

  1. EFFECTIVE QUICKLY (See Clinical Study with Photos and Photos)
  4. IT IS WELL TOLERATED, also for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding and people of all ages

Vaseline and Lanolin have marked action exfoliating. They make our products waterproof favoring the hydration. Allow for greater permanence of the active principles on the area of application
Oenothera Biennis Oil has a high concentration of Omega 6, GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID, LINOLEIC ACID , Natural elements having a remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, but NOT immunosuppressive. It follows a Natural Immunomodulation

Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil full of Omega 6, PHOSPHOLIPIDS, Vitamin E, Carotenoids, VITAMINS of GROUP B, OCTACOSANOL, Mineral Salts and Essential Aminoacids. It is known the strong antioxidant properties of VIT E and of Carotenoids like the benefit of vitamins B both to cutis and the skin. Octacosanol acts on the cutis and the skin, together with Mineral Salts and Essential Aminoacids, facilitating blood circulation, favoring normal skin reconstruction, rejuvenating and revitalizing the organic functions

Essential oil of Melaleuca Alternifolia has a powerful natural antimicrobial action
Overall Shivax® FT with its components facilitates natural resumption of tissue repair processes, favors chemotaxis and fibroblastic maturation, facilitating significantly fibroblastic index, crucial moments of the repairing processes. This activity is confirmed experimentally both in accelerated protein synthesis (activity ODCasica), and in increased capacity of uptake and incorporation of proline marked by the tissues

All components are: OGM FREE, DO NOT contain carcinogenic substances, BSE/TSE FREE, ARE NOT irradiated, NO allergens, NO gluten, NO cortisone, NO preservatives, NO perfumes, NOT tested on animals and are in accordance Dir CE 67/548 and Dir CE 2003/89 and followings