2 Shivax G


2 Shivax G

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40g Jar

Shivax® G (jar of 1.41 oz) is specific to the genital and anal mucosae, male and female.

Shivax® G is indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of Candida albicans, Vaginitis, Recurrent and Relapsing Cystitis, Balanoposthitis, Phimosis, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourses), Lichen sclerosus, mycosis (fungal diseases), senile pruritus, pruritus sine causa

Vaseline and Lanolin have marked action exfoliating. They make our products waterproof favoring the hydration. Allow for greater permanence of the active principles on the area of application.

Oenothera Biennis Oil has a high concentration of Omega 6, GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID, LINOLEIC ACID , Natural elements having  a remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, but NOT immunosuppressive. It follows a Natural Immunomodulation.

Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil full of Omega 6, PHOSPHOLIPIDS, Vitamin E, Carotenoids,  VITAMINS of GROUP B, OCTACOSANOL, Mineral Salts and Essential Aminoacids. It is known the strong antioxidant properties of VIT E and of Carotenoids like the benefit of vitamins B both to cutis and the skin. Octacosanol acts on the cutis and the skin, together with Mineral Salts and Essential Aminoacids, facilitating blood circulation, favoring normal skin reconstruction, rejuvenating and revitalizing the organic functions

Essential oil of Melaleuca Alternifolia has a powerful natural antimicrobial action

Overall Shivax® G with its components facilitates natural resumption of tissue repair processes, favors chemotaxis and fibroblastic maturation, facilitating significantly fibroblastic index, crucial moments of the repairing processes. This activity is confirmed experimentally both in accelerated protein synthesis (activity ODCasica), and in increased capacity of uptake and incorporation of proline marked by the tissues.

All components are: OGM FREE, DO NOT contain carcinogenic substances, BSE/TSE FREE, ARE NOT irradiated, NO allergens,  NO gluten, NO cortisone, NO preservatives, NO perfumes, NOT tested on animals and are in accordance Dir CE 67/548 and Dir CE 2003/89 and followings.


Main Advantages:

  • EFFECTIVE QUICKLY (See Clinical Study with Photos and Photos)


COMPOSITION: vaseline, lanolin, oenothera biennis oil, triticum vulgare germ oil, alternifolia melaleuca oil

For Woman:
Shivax® G will be applied morning and evening in abundant quantity after making a wash with the Shivax® Igiene Donna both to the outside, fork (large and small lips), and  inside, vaginal channel and on the anus

For Man:
Shivax® G will be applied morning and evening in abundant quantity after making a wash with the Shivax® Igiene Uomo  directly both on the penis and on the anus

Shivax® G being resistant to urine and menstrual flow, can be used at any time of life of the woman. In the case of Dyspareunia, apply on both partners before sexual intercourses. If necessary, repeat the application several times during the day until remission of symptoms