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    shivax g

    2 Shivax G

    40g Jar

    Shivax® G (jar of 1.41 oz) is specific to the genital and anal mucosae, male and female.

    Shivax® G is indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of Candida albicans, Vaginitis, Recurrent and Relapsing Cystitis, Balanoposthitis, Phimosis, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourses), Lichen sclerosus, mycosis (fungal diseases), senile pruritus, pruritus sine causa

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    Shivax® Creams are 100% Natural and prescribed for skin diseases such as Dermatitis in general, Eczema and for Psoriasis skin lesions, for whole body included scalp, and also used in dandruff cases. (Hands, Elbows, Arms, Back, Chest, Abdomen, Buttocks, Legs, Thigh, Knees and Ankles). Also for yeast infections (genital thrush, candida albicans)
    Choose the Creams you need:
    Shivax® Plus, cream to apply at night in every part of the body except genital area and/or nails
    Shivax® FT, cream to apply during the day in every part of the body except genital area and/or nails
    Shivax® G, cream to apply night and day in the genital area and also nails
    See some patients’s reviews and photos before and after below and on our Facebook pages like https://www.facebook.com/PsoriasisNaturalCureEffectiveMethodOfDrDiMaio/

    Their formulations have been communicated to the CPNP (European Cosmetics Portal). In their compositions we can find vegetable origin substances and very powerful natural anti-oxidants and essential oils. Its yield is very elevated. For example, for a scalp completely covered by psoriasis lesions are sufficients only two packages of Shivax® Plus and Shivax® FT to obtain the wished results

    Delivery in 1/2 working days with Royal Mail 1st Class within UK, 1/3 working days to USA with courier TNT click on our FAQ page for full list of countries and delivery timeframe

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    Shivax Creams, fruit of the research of Dr DI MAIO MD, are 100% natural, without cortisone. They are used in the treatment of skin diseases such as dermatitis in general (seborrhoeic dermatitis), psoriasis (plaque, scalp also dandruff, pustular, inverse, guttate psoriasis all over the body), pityriasis rosea, pityriasis versicolor, lichen planus, lichen simplex, acne, eczema, yeast infection (thrush, candida albicans). Buy any 3 Shivax Creams and get 1 free

    Choose the Shivax creams you need among:

    • Shivax Plus (40g Jar), cream to apply at night on the lesions in every part of the body except genital area and/or nails
    • Shivax FT (40g Jar), cream to apply during the day on the lesions in every part of the body except genital area and/or nails
    • Shivax G (40g Jar), cream to apply day and night on the lesions in the genital area and/or nails

    After placing your order, you will receive instructions on how to use your products correctly via email. Improvemements from the first applications of the products (less itching and/or redness) and then you just must follow the instructions until obtaining wished results

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  • Personal Protocol PDF File format

    It’s possible to  follow the specific  “Personal Protocol “ according to the problems and to the person, with Dr. Enzo DI MAIO’s Method. Dr. Enzo DI MAIO’s Method integration of the most current knowledge of Western Medicine with the Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine and other drugs based on naturality’ of therapies

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    Phone Consultation Doctor

    You can have a Telephone Consultancy directly with Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD via Facecebook or via Skype for 15 minutes, so do not spend the phone call, from anywhere in the world. The doctor will tell you what you need to do to heal accurately. Your language will be Italiano or English. This discount offer is valid for this week. After having purchased, the date and time will be set for the appointment that is good for both. It’s all very simple

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  • Shivax® Igiene Uomo 250ml Bottle

    200ml Bottle

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  • Shivax® Shampoo Uomo 250ml Bottle

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  • Shivax® Igiene Donna 250ml Bottle

    200ml Bottle

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  • Shivax® Shampoo Donna 250ml Bottle

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